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As we look back over the Uebo M400 Media Player we can see that it has many great features such as File browser, Bit Torrent, UPnP server and client, FTP Server, Remote Management, and support for some of the latest tech such as USB 3.0, SATA HDDs up to 3TB in size, and various audio and video inputs and outputs. Despite all these great features there are still issues that need to be fixed such as the wireless connectivity, the lack of free internet apps, the instructions on how to setup Win 7 for UPnP sharing with the unit, and the very terribly frustrating web browser that only really works for the most basic of websites.

A lot of functionality would have been far better (mainly in the web browser section) had they included the mini keyboard with touch pad. I believe that item should be mandatory with this media player. Another issue that I found late on was that you can’t multitask by listening to music while surfing the web, it has to be one or the other. All in all, this Uebo M400 Media Player with Web Browser had heaps of potential at being an amazing media player but in the end there was still much to be desired and with that I think that it is over priced in its current state.

The physical quality of the product is pretty good and as long as it’s not falling from high places, should last a while, the only flaw is really the design of the inside of the unit where wires over time could end up being cut due to the rough and sharp edges of the metal frame, if an internal HDD is installed.

The standard accessories come with this unit and it was a nice bonus to see the included a USB 3.0 however with that said, they really have to include the mini keyboard with touch pad for this unit, especially with the current web browser they have implemented.

Installation was a breeze and very easy, and the menu on the home screen is very straight forward as well. Since this product includes big and slightly more complicated features that most media players don’t; reading the manual is a must for certain things but still very straight forward for the most part

Some of the functions of this media unit worked amazingly well but others seemed to be a complete disaster. Bit Torrent worked wonderfully along with the NAS, File Manager, Media Libraries and the free Internet Apps that were installed. The menu can be quite laggy at times while other times the device seems to freeze or lock up. The Wireless has issues with connectivity and transmission strength, whether or not the transmitter/receiver powerful enough I don’t know but I did not have any issues with any other wireless devices from the exact same location. Streaming of video files over the wireless network was massively terrible as it would stutter stop pause play and repeat all the time. Audio files streamed over the network never had an issue though. Transmission speeds over the wireless were capping out at 100 KB/s which maybe fine for audio only but video suffered greatly.  


In a late test of hooking up the Gigabit Ethernet, I have noticed that with the one MAC address the unit shuffles between multiple ip addresses while on, causing many connectivity issues. The very small amount of free apps is also disappointing as since I have a Hulu account already, having to pay for a service just to be able to use something like that is quite the sore point. On top of that, the web browser, unless it’s used for very minimal and simple stuff, is basically a complete failure. Having no support for Java and Adobe Flash, with issues of objects and frame recognition on websites as well as the fact that the message “Could not load page because privacy policy changed” that would come up often, really makes the feature almost useless.

Over all in my opinion the price of about $150.00 for the product is too expensive considering important features do not work very well. On top of that I believe the mini keyboard with touch pad should be included with this unit. Because a set price was not given, I found that online stores would price it from $140 to $160 but usually closest to $150. Because of all the issues with this item and lack of the mini keyboard with touch pad, this M400 Media Player should probably be priced at or around $100. If you were to include the mini keyboard with touch pad, I could see the price going to about $120 or $130 at most but in its current state, to say the least, it is overpriced. Compared to reviews of other items on the market such as the Boxee Box and WD TV Live, this M400, although it has some great features, it simply under-performs.


I'd like to thank Uebo for sending this unit our way to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.