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You should probably disable pcAnywhere

Bad news coming from Symantec this week as they've publicly admitted that a group of hackers has stolen their code for pcAnywhere and users of that software are now exposed to a higher risk of attack. The "theft" of this code actually happened 6 years ago apparently but they've just realized it now.... Ars Technica has the full story that users of pcAnywhere might want to check out.

Although Symantec says the theft actually occurred in 2006, the issue did not come to light until this month when hackers related to Anonymous said they had the source code and would release it publicly. Users of the Norton products in question are not at any increased risk of attack because of the age of the source code and security improvements made in the years since the breach, but the vendor acknowledged on Tuesday night that "Customers of Symantec's pcAnywhere have increased risk as a result of this incident."