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$25 Computer beats iPhone 4S GPU Performance

By now you have probably heard about the $25 dollar Raspberry Pi PC that is slated to be launched shortly. Basically the Raspberry Pi systems is an all-in-one system that is not much bigger than the size of a deck of playing card, but the interesting part of this whole system is the amount of performance they are showing off now which is double the GPU performance of the iPhone 4S and more than the current Tegra 2 GPUs. has more info on the Raspberry Pi project as well as a bunch of new performance numbers.

Anticipation for the launch of the Raspberry Pi $25 PC continues to grow as its launch window gets ever closer. Over the past few months it has been surprising to see what the tiny machine is capable of. Videos of it running Quake III, playing back 1080p video, and handling graphics-intensive particle and sprite demos have all impressed, but until now we haven’t really been able to gauge how the device compares to other gadgets.