Android App Pick - Google Docs

Application: Google Docs

"Whats up Doc?"... or so ring the words of Bugs Bunny.  If Google Docs needed a slogan, I'd recommend something like that!  As Google develops new things for their company they also have Apps out there that have been around since the beginning of Android and that have actually helped make Android what it is today.  When Zeus introduced me to Google Docs for collaboration here at BCCHardware, I thought it could be handy.  After months of use - almost everyday, I've discovered that the more I use it the more I like it!  Google Docs has become more handy and very useful in my workflow and have almost entirely replaced DropBox and Microsoft Office.  I thought I'd look and see if there as a Google Docs application and what do you know; there’s an App for that! 


You may already know how Google Docs works as you can already access it on any computer. One feature of it that I love is that it saves your changes as you go - automatically.  Thankfully, there’s a Android version of Google Docs that helps keep the magic with you on your mobile device. The Docs app allows you to simply write a document, make a spreadsheet or a presentation on your mobile device.  Some of the layouts are a tad different from the desktop version, but the basic ability is all there and you still have enough tools to get the job done.  I’ve used more of the documents side of things as I tend to write more than I create spreadsheets or make presentations. There are times when I've forgotten to print something off and this App has saved my bacon as I can fire it up on my mobile and read a devotion for youth group - or whatever I've been working on.  Even if I'm not at a computer and know I have something due right away, I can pull it open quick and write the next week's App Pick of the Week.

Google Docs is a great App that most people will find useful if they give it half a chance!


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