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Warner Bros. hates Netflix

Warner Bros. announced this month that they will be adding a 56 day delay from when their new DVDs are available in stores to when you can rent them from Netflix (or other movie rental sites). Basically this means that for 56 days you will be able to go buy the DVD at your favorite store before you can actually watch it online through Netflix. Its kinda funny to see companies doing things like this to "boost DVD sales" when chances are good its just going to make people mad and they'll just find alternative ways to get the product for free. MediaBeat has all the details on Warner Bros. announcement over here.

Earlier this month, Warner Brothers decided to delay all new DVD movie releases from becoming available through video rental services, like Blockbuster and Netflix. This means the rental services must wait 56 days after a new Warner Brothers DVD hits retail store shelves before it’s able to begin renting it out to customers. Of  course, the video rental companies do have the option of buying the new DVD releases at full retail price, but this would raise over all operating costs for the rental service and ultimately dip into its profits.

I am interested to see if there is anyone out there that is now going to go buy the DVD instead of having to wait? Realistically if you were going to wait for it to come out on DVD (so you could rent it instead of buying it) will having to wait an extra month change your mind and make you go buy the DVD instead from a store? Use the forum link below and let us know what you think.