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UEBO M400 WiFi Media Player

PortsWe have just taken a look at the UEBO M400 Wireless Media Player.  This device is a lot more than an HDMI-outputting, Network connected media player.  UEBO has also thrown in some great features such as BitTorrent, UPnP support and USB 3.0 connections for transferring files to the device and for external storage purposes as well.  Check our review for all the details.

This media player looks to be a radical transformation of most normal media players by adding many new features that most media players don’t have.  The M400 does support USB 3.0 and 2.0 connections, a 3 TB HDD (sold separately), support for all media files, and True 1080p resolution and HD surround sound.  The new and radical features that have been added are; Bit Torrent for torrent downloads, FTP, NAS for network storage ability, and DLNA support.