Android App Pick - Burn the Rope

Edited by Eldon "BoneRak" Kieper

Application: Burn the Rope


Somebody call 911, I think my Android's on fire! We got an interesting game app as we get our Pyro senses on.  For those of you that like to burn stuff or melt things, you have to try and play Burn the Rope. I'm not encouraging you to play with fire in the real world, but virtually it's all right. Not only burning rope, but we will also get to fry up some Akuna Mahtata!

Burn the Rope Burn the Rope Burn the Rope


Burn The Rope is a game that simply requires you to burn rope. Each level has a different design / rope pattern made from rope. Touch anywhere on the rope to start a fire, turn your phone or tablet in any direction as your holding your device. It dose not work laying flat on a table because fire burns upward. The way you hold and turning your Android will direct the fire. Tapping the screen also makes the rope burn faster. Each level is different. Some levels will have colored ropes. Those can only be burned by colored flame.  To get that colored flame, you have to burn an ant that matches the colored rope. Some levels have bugs to help fill in the gaps to burn more rope. Earn a medal when you complete each level and advance to the next!

The game does take a few minutes to get going and loaded, but when it does, it is a pretty fun game! Check it out here in the Android Market!

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