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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

Linux "Spark" Slate

Aaron Seigo has been hard at work for a while building a different kind of tablet PC.  Over at his blog, he has just unveiled the "Spark" tablet that runs a Linux distro called "Plasma Active".  It comes pre-installed and makes this one of the most flexible tablets around.  You don't need to have Android Market or anything special installed in order to get apps.  What you do need is a good understanding of Linux.  That means that this probably won't be the most popular unit around, but it is possibly one of the coolest.


This is more than just another piece of hardware on the market, though. This is a unique opportunity for Free software. Finally we have a device coming to market on our terms. It has been designed by and is usable by us on our terms. We are not waiting for some big company to give us what we desire, we're going out there and making it happen together.