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What actually changed in Googles Privacy Policy?

There has been a lot of news going around the internet the past couple weeks thanks to Google updating their privacy policy. Most people probably didn't even both reading the updates or chances are good didn't really understand what they were all about so the folks over at Electronic Frontier Foundation have summarized what the changes are all about and how they affect you.

Last week, Google announced a new, simplified privacy policy. They did a great job of informing users that the privacy policy had been changed through emails and notifications, and several experts (including Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian) have praised the shift toward a simpler, more unified policy. Unfortunately, while the policy might be easier to understand, Google did a less impressive job of publicly explaining what in the policy had actually been changed.  In fact, it took a letter from eight Representatives to persuade them to provide straightforward answers to the public about their new policy.