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25% of Tweets are Pointless

Every day more than 200 Million Tweets are sent through Twitter, but just how many of them are actually relevant? Carnegie Mellon University has done a bit of research into this and have found that 25% of Tweets are useless and try to figure out what makes a good tweet that people actually care about. There are actually a bunch of good points to help make your tweets more well received and I'm sure the same theories could be applied to pretty much any social network.

Keep it to yourself: The cliched "sandwich" tweets about pedestrian, personal details were largely disliked. Reviewers reserved a special hatred for Foursquare location check-ins.

Don't whine: Negative sentiments and complaints were disliked.

Limit Twitter-specific syntax: Overuse of #hashtags, @mentions and abbreviations makes tweets hard to read. But some syntax is helpful; if posing a question, adding a hashtag helps everyone follow along.