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Facebook appears focused on Mobile

Facebook filed their IPO this week and interestingly enough one of the most used words in it was "mobile" which they used 123 times in this document. Almost half of Facebook's users used a mobile device to login and yet Facebook gets no revenue from that and it doesn't appear like they have any plans to change that yet. Gigaom has the full story and all the details.

In its IPO filing Facebook mentions the word “mobile” 123 times, which, given the term’s buzz-worthy status, is hardly surprising. But in most cases Facebook doesn’t use the word “mobile” in positive ways. In fact, it identifies the proliferation of traffic to its mobile app and website as the biggest risks that its advertising-driven business model faces. The S-1 filing is one big official warning to potential investors: Facebook’s future growth is being driven by user behavior that it has so far failed to monetize.