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Will Kinect for Windows change computing?

One of Microsoft's big announcements at CES 2012 was that they will be bringing the Kinect to PC this year. This wasn't too much of a surprise as it had been rumored for quite some time but now (starting Feb. 1, 2012) you can officially get one for your PC. Gizmowatch takes a look at this and tries to figure out just how this might change the way everyone uses a Windows PC.

In the long illustrative history of electronic peripherals, very few technologies have managed to make a commercial impact like Microsoft's very own Kinect. As a matter of fact, this motion sensing input device still holds the world record for the fastest selling consumer electronics system, with a whopping 8 million sales in just two months of its launching. And now after notching up our Xbox 360 experience and going through a multitude of other applications (including a slew of DIY hacks), the exalted Kinect is about to make its much touted splash in the realm of Windows.