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Big and Little

Vortez takes a look at the Scan 3XS FT03 ROG SLI system in their first review as they show off what you can expect from this skyscraper tower system.  Their review sample came very overclocked with a Core i5 2500K CPU and a couple of NVIDIA GTX 560i cards.  Overall, it's a pretty sweet system, but at a pretty steep price.

The 3XS FT03 ROG SLI takes its name from the very case Scan have chosen to build inside – Silverstone’s (Fortress) FT03. This is a popular chassis within the hardware market and is made up of aluminium and steel. Supporting the form factors Micro-ATX, mini-DTX and mini-ITX for a gaming rig the M-ATX form factor is an obvious top pick. The FT03 a very unique design, identifying it as a computer case may be difficult on first impressions because it is tall and thin unlike the typical ATX or even M-ATX computer cases available to the enthusiast.


Also from Vortez is the Arctic MC001-BD system.  This little unit could function very well as a media server, but it offers a lot more than that as it comes with a Blu-Ray drive, Windows 7 and is powered by a dual-core Atom CPU running at 1.8GHz.  If you are looking for a system that is smaller than your console and more versatile, check it out.

The MC001-BD has a two-tone colour configuration with one side having a black glossy plastic fascia and the other a more robust silver, metal cover. MC001-BD is extremely slime-line and will combine very well with any TV. It can be positioned as pictured – standing upright or the base plate can be removed so that the device lies flat.