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BestBuy hints at $1,499 Apple TV

Best Buy has been sending out consumer surveys asking people what they thought about products and has included a question about if you'd be interested in a $1,499 Apple TV. The Apple TV (which is a 42-inch display) has been rumored for quite some time but no price has been mentioned until now but one would think a $1,499 price tag might make this a tough sell compared to other ~$500 42-Inch offerings. HotHardware takes a look deeper into all the rumors surrounding Apple TV.

Best Buy has been sending out consumer surveys asking for people's opinions on potential products and services that could be released. It's a common practice for retailers to do this and normally no one would bat and eyelash at such a survey, but the fact that Best Buy is gauging customers, in detail, about an Apple brand HDTV has people wondering if the oft rumored panel might finally be nearing release.