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Google working on Android@home music system

The rumor of the week is that Google is working on an Android-based home music system that will most likely be built to compete with Apple's Airplay and Sonos' music streaming services. Google has been working on quite a few of these little products so its not too surprising that something like this would be possible but I guess time will tell if it actually ever hits the market. The Telegraph has the story over here.

The system will be among the first products to emerge from the ‘Project Tungsten’ system demonstrated at Google’s I/O conference in May. At the time the Telegraph reported that “Google showed a tablet that could turn lights on and off, send music from the internet to a hifi and even a “near-field communications” chip which simply had to be touched on a set of speakers to start them playing an album”.

Google is now likely to be able to take advantage of the home hardware expertise it is acquiring with the purchase of Motorola, and work with directly with manufacturers to produce its own products.