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Selling Used MP3s: Round 1

I posted about ReDigi a while back which is a company that is/was selling used MP3s online (until Capitol Records tried to shut them down). The basic idea was if you bought a DRM-free MP3 and no longer wanted it you could sell it so someone else and recoup a little bit of your money. The record companies obviously didn't like that and are trying to shut them down and lawsuits have been filed. Round 1 of these lawsuits actually went to ReDigi as the judge ruled in their favor. I would bet money that this isn't the last lawsuit against ReDigi but its definitely good news to see them win the first round. ComputerWorld has all the details.

Geeks, technologists and the Internet as a whole raised their voices in protest harmony until Congress got the message that voters were not going to tolerate SOPA/PIPA breaking the Internet. "But big content remains tone deaf to this chorus of Internet users," the EFF stated. And like the RIAA which chooses to attack as opposed to innovate and move the music industry away from a broken business model, Capitol Records tried and failed in court to shut down ReDigi -- a truly unique and legal new way for users to sell their pre-owned digital music.