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Application: Unicorn Dash

Happy Valentines Day App lovers! Elton John asks “Can you feel the love tonight?” As you download apps for your Android, keep in mind that you can give an app to a family member or that special someone. If you have heard of Robot Unicorn Attack, but don't want to spend $2 on your favorite person (or yourself), you may want to check out Unicorn Dash. It’s pretty similar to Robot Unicorn Attack, but different in some ways. The first time I played Robot Unicorn Attack online was at a LAN party as we killed time waiting for pizza. The challenge was who could get the highest score before the pizza came. My first impressions of the game was like “a unicorn game... really?" Now I'm excited to see there are apps for it too!  I'm not trying to be mean, but I thought it was odd - especially for a seasoned Unreal Tournament player to promote this game. Little did i know it was an addicting to play!  It wasn’t so bad, it’s actually fun and a good time killer too!

Unicorn Dash
Unicorn Dash

The object of Unicorn Dash or Robot Unicorn Attack is to jump and leap to the next cliff collecting items floating in the air. When you come to a shiny block, in Unicorn Dash (a pinkish maroon spiky ball), and in Robot Unicorn Attack (a star), you have to use your dash button to blast through those and get points. Dash gives you speed in order to get through those clumps in the way. You must dash and attack those clumps in order to keep going and increasing your score. You get three tries to get a good score and the farther you go the faster the game gets. Like I said before, the concept of the  game is pretty similar to Robot Unicorn Attack, but it has some slight differences. In Unicorn Dash the background is a new colour for each level or attempt, and the unicorn has an Avatar look to it being that it’s blue. Also, the items you hit and gather are different and the music isn't as catchy. 


Still Unicorn Dash is a fun little time waster that fits in perfectly between maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Unicorn Dash is a free version, while Robot Unicorn Attack must be purchased in the Android Market.

Get the Unicorn Dash app for free today in the Andriod Market right here.


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