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Call of Duty Elite hits 1.5 Million Subscribers

News came out this week that 1.5 Million Call of Duty MW3 players are subscribed to their "Elite" package which is a monthly fee that allows users to get all the new maps when they first come out (as well as a few other features). This fee is above and beyond the $60 bucks you spent on the game and when first announced didn't sound like it was going to be all that popular, turns out it has actually been pretty well received. TGDaily has the full story.

1.5 million gamers are so addicted to the Call of Duty franchise that they have become openly willing to pay for the new premium version of what once was free.

For a while, Activision has been wondering how it could better monetize its insanely popular Call of Duty franchise. Gamers spend $60 on the game and then pour in dozens or even hundreds of hours, making it a pretty good deal for gamers.