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Windows 8 in Q4?

While not official yet, it looks like Windows 8 might be hitting the market in Q4 of 2012 thanks to a presentation from Fujitsu showing off Windows 8 notebooks and tablets that they will be releasing in Q4 of this year. The public consumer beta version of Windows 8 is slated to hit shelves Feb. 29 so I guess it is possible that they could be ready before the end of the year but you have to start wondering if they might be rushing things a little to much (which they've done in the past). CNET has all the new Windows 8 rumors over here.

Windows 8 will hit the market in the fourth quarter, according to a Fujitsu product road map.

Touting its upcoming notebooks and tablets in a press conference yesterday, the company displayed one slide that showed a Win8 launch destined for "Q4 2012." Revealed by Italian blogging site NetbookItalia (English translation), the slide also showed a tablet with a Metro user interface, suggesting that Fujitsu is prepping a Windows 8 tablet for the same time frame.