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Hulu Plus now on Wii

Good news Hulu users, you can now stream your service directly to your Nintendo Wii. The app for the Wii will be free and you can get Hulu Plus service for $7.99 a month which allows you to watch unlimited TV and Movies in the United States. Joystiq has the story.

Bored with experiencing Hulu Plus through the same old ... interfaces? Get rid of that Hulu Plus ennui with Hulu Plus on Wii. Nintendo announced that the service is now available through the Wii in the US as of today.

Users can download the Hulu app through the Wii Shop Channel for free, and then subscribe for $7.99 a month to watch television shows and movies. Through the first month of the app's availability, new users can redeem a two-week free trial of the service.