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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

Samsung Chromebook Series 5

Google has done a great job in the search market and Android is something that has put the company in the hands of people on the go more that I thought possible.  All that being said, they are trying to gain access into the desktop/laptop market as well and this is where their Chrome OS comes into play.  Samsung is one company that has teamed up and released a Chrome-specific laptop for Google's use.  HardwareLook has review of their Series 5 unit and gives us the scoop.

Samsung Chromebook is equipped with much better specs than your everyday netbooks which primarily store slower processing power with only 1GB of RAM, where as the Chromebook stores 16GB’s of super fast SSD performance under the hood with 2GB RAM. Along with the elegant sleek white gloss design, the Samsung Chromebook should be a product that will appeal to the masses, but let us push on and find out...