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OLight Open 2, Obulb and MR2
OLight Open, Obulb & MR2


OCZ Vertex 3We have just taken a look at the OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SATA III SSD.  This is a fast drive that boasts some incredibly fast write and read speeds.  We put it to the test against Crucial RealSSD, Patriot's Torqx and even OCZ's own RevoDrive X2.  It holds up really well and is worth considering when making your SSD purchase.  Please check our review for all the details.

OCZ has pushed the boundaries on performance with their Vertex series and the nice thing about this standard 2.5" drive is that is can be used by pretty much everyone.  It fits great in a laptop or desktop machine and gives great performance improvements to your system.  If you are considering a RevoDrive X2 in your system, but want some flexibility, you can rest comfortably with a Vertex 3 as it has even better write performance than the RevoDrive X2 series.