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ASUS Gives Bootloader Unlock - Voids Warranty

In a very nice move by ASUS, they have just released their bootloader unlock utility for the Transformer Prime tablet.  This helps tweakers and developers do a lot more with the tablet and Ubuntu has already been ported over.  The only downside to this whole idea is that as soon as you unlock the bootloader using the utility provided by ASUS - you void the warranty on your new tablet.  Should ASUS still honor hardware warranty on these?  You thoughts in the comments please!

Ah, it was indeed only a matter of time. Much like the way HTC caved into fan pressure, ASUS has finally released a bootloader unlock tool for its Transformer Prime TF201. Understandably, the tablet will no longer be covered under warranty once you set it free, but the other catch is that it needs to be running Ice Cream Sandwich in the first place as well.