Sentey GSP1000-SM 1000W Modular PSU - Closer Looks, Features and Specs

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Sentey GSP1000-SM 1000W Modular PSU
Closer Looks, Features and Specs
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Closer Look:

While there may not be a ton of design options when it comes to the external appearance of a power supply, Sentey has done a good job keeping this unit looking nice and clean.  It has a matte finish on the exterior and this of course helps keep fingerprints and dust from being too obvious if you have a window in your case.  As stated previously, there are a number of cables attached, but there are also connections for up to another eight cables if required.  

One of the beautiful things about this PSU is that Sentey has used a great modular system that works great.  Each of the cable connectors are 8-pin connections and have power supplied to all of the pins.  The cables are where the configuration and power routing takes place as they have only the wires hooked up that they need.  For instance, while a SATA cables has 3.3v, 5v, 12v & ground wires connected, the PCIe cables only have 12v and ground.  This way one connector works for everything and this makes it much easier to keep things tidy and plug cables in by feel if you have to.

PSU Label Side
PSU Label Side
PSU Profile
PSU Profile
Rear Grill
Rear Grill
Modular Perfection
Modular Perfection



The following list of features from Sentey is pretty lean and they don't actually have a lot of information specifics on their website.  Still, the basic features and specifications are posted and we'll take a look.

  • 80 Plus Gold Certified
  • ATX 12V v2.2 & EPS 12V v 2.91
  • Modulars Connectors
  • Active PFC (APFC)
  • Universal AC Input 100V - 250V
  • Single Strong Rail +12V 83A
  • 7 Year Warranty


As far as product specifications go, we have the following information.  This also has been taken from the Sentey website.



Although the Sentey GSP1000-SM PSU claims that it can handle 1000W of power, with the ratings on the rails, it should be able to handle more - and easily handle 1000W continuous load.  If you do the math on this PSU you'll see that the 3.3v and 5v lines actually total 199.2W - not the mere 120W that they are rated.  Also the +12v line is very large at 83A which totals 996W alone - almost the rated wattage of the entire PSU.  The -12v and +5Vsb ratings are bang on.  If you add all of these up, you get 1216.2W - so the 1000W rating is pretty generous. 

On the next page, we'll take a quick look at the cables before we jump into the PSU itself and then run some tests.