Sentey GSP1000-SM 1000W Modular PSU

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Sentey GSP1000-SM 1000W Modular PSU
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Product: Sentey GSP1000-SM Modular PSU
Provided By: Sentey
Price: ~$189.99


Although we've looked at quite a few PSUs from Ultra Products, Zalman, Thermaltake, NZXT and FSP, today is the first time we've had a Sentey PSU on our bench.  Sentey is no stranger to the PC scene and they've been making power supplies, coolers and cases for a while now.  Just in the last few years they've expanded their global market to North America and that is why you may have not heard of them before.  Today we are looking at the GSP1000-SM 1000W 80+ Gold Power Supply and are going to find out how their flagship product stacks up on our test platform.  They've included a few really awesome features in this unit and at first glance, I think they've done a lot of things right, we'll find out as we continue how it holds up on our PSU testing platform.  Keep on reading as we take a look at and tear this unit apart.

Box Front
Box Front
Box Rear
Box Rear


About Sentey:

Not only does Sentey manufacture computer cases, power supplies and coolers; they also put their brand on graphics cards as well.  They provide a lot of options globally for consumers and their philosophy is below.  They have a lot more information about the company at the link above, but below is a brief summary.

Our goal is to respond to the current demands with innovation and quality, providing  high value through design and the commercialization of first class computing products. Different product lines target satisfying the needs of different users in order to obtain complete computing experience.

Sentey is projected as an American leader for the technology enthusiast. We want to be known as a brand with international impact that bases its best solutions in innovative processes and a strong and conscious development. Not only with individual components, based in the philosophy 'Do it yourself ', but also providing answers to the merging tendencies such as customized performance.

We are inspiration by four concepts:

We generate content and experiences surrounding our products. We think about each detail that compose a product, bit also the product as a whole.

We are a premium brand. Thus, we would like for our product to go beyond our clients' expectations, performing in better quality and available at the best price.

We offer an efficient product that guarantees a great level of performance.

We make sure that every detail is taken care of since manufacturing until delivery to the final consumer.


First Impressions:

When Sentey contacted me about reviewing one of their power supplies, I really didn't expect much.  Like most other North America residents, I have the philosophy that if I haven't heard of it before, it mustn't be all that good.  I was quite pleased that Sentey included full Amp/Watt information on the box.  As this is a modular PSU, the bundle includes cables, a power cable, some information sheets and a bag of thumbscrews.  I love the addition of thumbscrews to a PSU bundle as I'd rather use these than regular screws any day.

Box Specs
Box Specs


The GSP1000-SM comes with a few cables attached as you can see below.  The basic cables that you'll be using with pretty much any system come hard-wired and they include: 24-pin motherboard, two PCIe cables (one 6-pin, one 6+2-pin), and a couple of CPU power cables (one 8-pin, one 4+4-pin).  In most situations, a person buying a 1000W PSU will be using all but one of the CPU power cables.

PSU Profile
PSU Profile


On the next page we'll take a close look at the GSP1000-SM from Sentey and dive right into features and specifications.