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Windows 8 Changes

According to Slashgear, Windows 8 will features some changes that you may not be expecting.  It seems that Windows Live is going away as well as Zune.  These will all be part of a much larger Microsoft account.  While this is probably a good way to amalgamate a lot of segregated services, my concern is that it will be too much of a change for some consumers.  Time will tell, but with the public beta out here very soon, we won't have to wait long for consumer reactions.

The problem Microsoft has had is in creating that same level of uniformity in its Windows products. As should come as no surprise, the Zune moniker will also be officially dead in Windows 8. There will be deep integration between Xbox Live and Windows 8, the extent of which hasn’t been fully described just yet, but we do know Windows 8 will be one of the most fundamental changes to the Windows brand to date.