Social Networking by the Numbers

This week on Weekly Tech Update we discussed how Google+ was hitting 90 Million users but it didn't appear like any of those users were actually using the service for very long thanks to a new report published over at the Wall Street Journal. Obviously to Google+ users this isn't too much of a newsflash as activity on Google+ has been dropping over the past couple months.

TheWeek takes a look at some of the numbers when comparing Google+ to Facebook which is only natural as Google+ was supposed to be the Facebook killer..

Google launched its Google+ social network with much fanfare last year in an attempt to compete with industry behemoth Facebook. Today, Google+ boasts an impressive roster of tens of millions of members — most of whom are barely spending any time on the site, according to an embarrassing new report from comScore. Google+ is a "virtual ghost town," says Amir Efrati at The Wall Street Journal.