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Application: TuneIn Radio Pro

DJ Tiggs is surfing the Android market and is spinning some tracks while rocking out some tunes! Everyone loves their music and everyone has a different style or genre of music they enjoy. Sometimes you just want to listen to the radio and catch up on some news. I've found that most media players don't have a clear radio signal or lack that functionality. Maybe there are times you want to listen to your music, but you forgot to pack your media playing device and your phone has limited storage. Whatever your dilemma, if you need some tunes on the go, or are just chilling away from the computer. TuneIn Radio Pro has got your back!

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Related Stations

TuneIn Radio Pro is an amazing app that lets you search and listen to thousands of stations across the globe. There are two versions of TuneIn Radio - TuneIn Radio the free version and TuneIn Radio Pro. The biggest difference is the pro version offers recording, rewind and pausing of your music, and it can be purchased for only $0.99 in the Android Market. It also gets rid of the annoying ads. There are pretty similar features in the free and the pro versions that include searching for a radio station, genre of music, saving your favorite stations as "presets". I love that with the Pro version you can record a song you're listening to and then can go back and listen to it later!

The pause feature can also be a lifesaver as you can stop mid-song and continue when you have time. If you exit out of the App the pause doesn't work, but if you have your Android device cranked to the max and your mom is trying to tell you to clean your room.. you might want to hit pause!

Check out TuneIn Radio Pro to make your jam session sensational!

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