The Lost Cell Phone Experiment

Pretty much every avid Smartphone users worst nightmare is losing their phone. So to see just how bad losing your phone really is Symantec did an experiment with phones they specially setup to see if they'd be returned and what the person who found the phone would do with them. Symantec setup a few folders marked "Private Banking", "HR Salary Info" and it wasn't too surprising that more often than not the person finding the "lost phone" opened those folders to see what what was inside. MSNBC has the full story which is worth a read and serves as a good reminder to make sure your information is secure especially on a device like your phone that can be easily lost.

What would you do if you found a smartphone on the subway or at a coffee shop? If you're like most Americans, you'd rummage through the phone looking for photos, emails and even private banking information. And the chances are only 50-50 that you would try to return the phone.

Computer security firm Symantec Corp. recently conducted an elaborate, first-of-its-kind study on lost smartphones and shared the results exclusively with TODAY and The company set a trap for human nature, then sat back and watched. The results were not pretty.