Android App Pick - Zeus - Lightning Shooter

Application: Zeus - Lightning Shooter

Good day app readers and users!  Another app is brought to you by Tigger and Android Market Place which has actually updated to Google Play in the last while.  If you like Greek mythology and are familiar with Zeus - no not the one from BCCHardware - but the Greek god!  I recently came across an app called Zeus-Lightning Shooter.  It's an interesting app that is similar to a game called Ant Smasher.  It is interesting as you get to play with lightening.  Let you let your diabolical side reign.  Muhahaha!  Although Zeus isn't very diabolical I'm sure, but you get the idea!



Zeus-Lightning Shooter is a game that simple.  Basically you get to play the role of Zeus and send down lightning bolts upon mere mortals down below.  Too bad we can't do that in the real world, but when you play this game you can.  You can hit almost any person that comes by - even a bird or a plane flying in the air, and these which gives you bonus points. 


You can't hit certain or some “special people” they call it, I’m not sure why, but probably to give the game a challenge.  You get some icons or badges as you go along in the game. There are two modes; one is time challenge and the other is survival.  You're able to post your scores up on Facebook and Twitter.

Feeling Zappy?  Check out Zeus here!

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