4G iPad Data Usage

CNET has an interesting article showing how much data you could use if you start streaming video with the iPad LTE.  Until the network gets saturated, LTE is pretty quick and if you are streaming high-quality video on your new iPad, this could put the hurt on when it come to data caps.  At this point, your biggest AT&T package is $50 for 5GB, and Verizon can score you 10GB for $80.  It won't take long to stream HD on your favorite video streaming service before you are paying overages.

Your first order of business with Apple's third-generation iPad: fill up that stunning Retina Display with plenty of video. But hang on--if you're getting the 4G model, better watch that over-the-air video consumption. Lightning-fast as it is, over LTE, you'll be tempted to burn through your data plan in less time than you might think.