Android vs. WP7

HardwareLook has the Galaxy Nexus on their bench and gives us the scoop on this ICS (Android 4.0) smartphone and seems to be quite impressed with the overall unit - although not it's size so much.  I guess they wouldn't like the Galaxy Note then at all.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a few special features which make controlling your smartphone and data usage so simple. Heading into the settings menu we see the following options. No task manager app is required to download with the Nexus as Samsung have build in the app manager into the phone under the Apps option.


It's not a fair comparison as we move from a high-end Samsung phone to a entry-level Nokia Lumia 710 running Windows Phone 7 at HardwareHeaven.  Still, this phone is a pretty affordable smartphone and offers a great - albeit basic, array of features and functions.

Recently Nokia have had somewhat of a makeover though and having received the Lumia 710 all the nostalgic memories of the good times I had with Nokia came flooding back. So I am slowing things down with Samsung Galaxy S2 and going with the Nokia Lumia 710 for a while, seeing how things work out... running on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, who could resist?