SteelSeries Desmo Snow by GUNNAR Optiks

HardwareHeaven has a look at some glasses that are designed to be work when gaming that will help you see better (even if you have 20/20 vision) and improve your game.  They have the Desmo Snow from SteelSeries that are made in fact by GUNNAR Optiks and find out if the claims of increasing contrast, enhancing detail, help reduce glare, improving endurance and decreasing eye fatigue and dry eyes actually hold true in real-world testing.

After using the glasses I can quite honestly say they have made an improvement and where I'd usually expect to be feeling tired eyes or perhaps using some 'refresh' eye drops at no point during my time with the glasses did my eyes feel fatigued. Using the glasses with over the ear headset proved no problem either, something that couldn't be said for my original 3D Vision glasses.