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Application: Photaf Panorama (Free)


It’s another week and that means another app pick!!  I am back after a weekend of LAN partying, and thankfully I don't have too much of a LAN “hangover” as they say.  I am not willing to miss a week of app sharing even though all the fun we had at the LAN leaves me feeling a little tired.  (Check the pics here)  Speaking of pictures, many photo lovers and hobbyists out there enjoy taking a few interesting pictures.  I don’t know tons myself about photography even though I wish I had taken it in school, but I am learning different things here and there slowly. 

One day I discovered some programs such as Photoshop, has a panoramic feature that can stitch photos together to make them one long photo like a huge landscape.  This is a great way to capture memories - just like you have seen it with your very own eyes.  There are a few cameras that have that feature built-in, but it usually means that a lot of the sensor is cropped out and the quality won't be as good.  The Photaf Panorama app can be your 360 degree turn around in your landscape photography!

Photaf Panorama
Photaf Panorama
Photaf Panorama


The Photaf Panorama app is interesting as it quickly and easily lets you take a very wide landscape picture!  It works best if you have a really steady hand to reduce blur like any camera.  The app will ask if you want to snap the picture your self or automatically do it for you.  As you take one pic you then move the camera along and try to line up the left side with what's in the room, take the pic when you think it’s best fit!  Once you think you got everything you wanted taken, hit the stitch button and Photaf Panorama will do the Photoshopping for you! 

Action Shot


Once that’s done you can share the picture to your streams, as well as email, or just even export them to your phone gallery if you really don’t want the world to know how “clean” your room is.  This is a rather neat and nifty app that’s quick for on the go to make your photos a little more interesting!


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