Nokia Lumia 900 Coming for under $100

Nokia is investing heavily in Windows Phone 7 (or Microsoft is investing heavily in Nokia), and the Lumia 900 is the "big one" that we've been waiting for.  The cost of the device was a mystery until AT&T announced that it would be available on a 2-year contract for $99.  That is great news and with a bold move like that, may actually get some people to try WP7 and Nokia - again.  CNET has more info.

here's a lot at stake with this launch. Nokia badly needs a buzz-worthy hit product in the U.S., a market it has struggled to operate in over the last few years despite dominating early in the cellphone business. AT&T hopes the 4G LTE-capable Lumia 900 will spark interest in its still new next-generation network. Microsoft, meanwhile, needs any Windows Phone to succeed in the market and establish some legitimacy to its platform.