Home Theater Loving

A couple years ago, projectors were a really big thing when it came to building an ultimate home theater room in your house.  With TV tech evolving so much though, there has been less excitement around projectors.  With that being said, the BenQ W1060 Projector over at TechReviews should still turn a few heads as it is a great option for native 1920x1080 output and is bright enough and has enough inputs for many people.

Perhaps one of the things you can plug into your projector or any TV is the new Apple TV reviewed over at MissingRemote.  I know, I know... Apple.  Right?  Then why not check out the Noontec MediaHome V8 over at HardwareLook.  Even though I'm not an Apple fan, the interface and functions look much better on the device from Cupertino.

If you want to wirelessly connect your laptop to your TV, there are a few solutions - including the Warpia Easy Dock Pro SWP220 over at TechwareLabs.  This little device can hook to to a spare VGA or HDMI port on your favorite TV or projector and seems to work pretty well.