Apple has 4G Issues Down Under

Apple has been happy to sue the pants off of Samsung in Australia and yet when they market their new "4G LTE" iPad "Down Under" they forget to mention the fact that the wireless providers don't actually use the same spectrum that the iPad does so you aren't going to get 4G.  This has caused a fair bit of trouble and Apple has had to offer refunds to keep things peaceable.  More over here.

The new iPad works on 4G networks in the United States and Canada, but not the 4G networks that are available to Australians. Telstra, the largest network operator in Australia, uses LTE in the 1800-MHz band and Vividwireless uses WiMax in the 2300-MHz band. The iPad supports LTE in the 700-MHz and 2100-MHz bands, which are used by network operators in North America.