Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3in Smartphone

We have just taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3in Smartphone.  This device is part phone, part tablet and (almost) all awesome.  Samsung combines a fast dual-core processor with a massive 5.3" screen running 1280x800 and puts in a nice package with  an "S Pen" for greater functionality.  If you are in the market for a new device, please check our review for all the details.

Galaxy Note

It's quite a site to behold when you first lay your eyes and hands on the Galaxy Note.  It dwarfs any other smartphone on the market and even when Samsung held it up to the Galaxy Nexus with it's 4.65" screen, the Note looked much larger.  Even with the larger size, it can easily be held and used (for the most part) with one hand when you're surfing, making calls, and playing around on this multipurpose device.