No used games allowed on next PlayStation

PlayStation's next console codenamed "Orbis" (which is slated for a 2013 release) is rumored to be sporting a feature that will make you unable to play "used" titles on their new console. Basically when you buy a new game it will be tied to your PlayStation account and will make it unplayable if you sell it (or presumably if you lend it to your friend). GameSpot has the full story that will make console gamers a little more angry.

As for the first part of the rumor, multiple sources told the blog that the Orbis will sport some sort of anti-used-game measure. Full Orbis games will be available via Blu-ray disc or as a PlayStation Network download and will be locked to a single PSN account. Players will not be able to circumvent the system by remaining offline, as the source said users will be forced to be connected to the PSN to boot up their games. 

Now before you say "Screw Sony I'm buying an Xbox" you might also want to know that the next Xbox may also include some method of blocking gamers from buying used games as well.  Gamespot has that story as well.

Looks like you want used games you'll just have to stick with your N64...