8 Cool New Laptops

The last 6 months has featured the release of some truly cool laptops. Some of the coolest designs have come in the form of Ultrabooks and if you've done any laptop shopping in the past couple months you've probably undoubtedly seen them. PCMag has come up with a list of their favorite 8 new laptops (3 of them are Ultrabooks). 

It's bad form to beg for bookmarks, but you really ought to visit PCMag.com's laptop pages regularly. If you haven't been, you've missed a crop of fast, fascinating, and feature-packed portables in categories ranging from desktop replacements to media centers—cool new laptops like the eight listed here by way of example.

Thinner-than-thin and lighter-than-light laptops built to Intel's ultrabook specification have dominated the laptop news in recent months, first with 13.3-inch and now with 14- and 15-inch models reaching the market. We've included one of the first (from Toshiba) and one of the latest (from HP) ultrabooks in this roundup, and have new ultrabooks of all sizes in the review pipeline.