Small RAM Roundup

As we kick off the first full month of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, we've got a small collection of RAM kits that may not be all that small.  The 16GB kit of G.Skill Ares F3-1600C8Q-16GAB over at APHNetworks is not small potato, but it is quite affordable for those new Core i7 Ivy Bridge kits.  TechPowerUp has a pretty nice kit of G.Skill on their bench as well.  Not to be left out is the 16GB kit of VisionTek Ultimate Performance Red label PC3-17000 over at HiTechLegion.

The VisionTek 4x4GB PC3-17000 quad-channel memory kit is designed for high performance PCs, such as Intel's latest X79 platform. The VisionTek 16GB Ultimate Performance PC3-17000 memory kit runs at 2133 MHz at CL11 timings with 1.65V and is fully XMP capable for convenient profile loading within the UEFI or BIOS.