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Application: Box

Hello app users and file sharing geeks!  Everyday most of us are on or at a computer at some point of our lives as well as hand held devices like phones or tablets.  Many of these devices are able to sync wirelessly or be plugged in with our computers, but data is not easily shared between them.  Everyone is trying to find more ways to share files, documents, pictures and other data faster and better - and the "cloud" has allowed us to save space and use less flash drive storage. 

You may have heard of Dropbox where you can synchronize many computers and your phone and store important files so you can share between computers and devices.  Dropbox also allows you to access your files through a web browser.  Today we are looking at Box.  The Box app is similar and yet different from Dropbox in several ways.


Box is a file storage app like Dropbox, but you don’t have to install it to your computer for it to work.  You download this app to your Android device, create an account and you're given 5GB of storage for the free.  Dropbox gives you 2GB for the start and allows you to build more storage as you send out invitations.  Each referral gains you another 250MB. If you need more storage, you can pay for additional space but Box gives you more at the start.

It’s easy to upload something in Box to share with others and it gives them a link to that file to download off the website or store online for your convenience.  You can even make a note or general comment about the document.  It’s a great app to use when you’re in a pinch and need to share files (even large ones) on the go.  I use it to store spreadsheets, work schedules and more.


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