Hitachi 4TB HDD

It's not often that a single hard drive review takes up an entire post - but with the size of the Hitachi 4000000MB hard drive on the bench over at NikkTech - it's worth a post.  This drive is currently the largest spinning consumer-level storage devices available.  It offers 1TB per platter and spins up at a speedy 7200rpm with a 64MB buffer - so it should be pretty snappy.  Find out and see if a 4TB drive is in your future.

Monstrous capacity disk drives have always been expensive especially at their launch so it comes as no surprise that the single and only drawback of the Deskstar 7K4000 by Hitachi GST is it's price tag since currently this particular package retails at around USD420 inside the USA and 350Euros inside the EU. Of course not everyone needs 4TB of space so the Deskstar 7K4000 line is targeted at a specific part of the market which includes professionals and enthusiasts who can put to use any HDD regardless of size.