Listen Up!

If you like to enjoy your audio privately, perhaps the Clar1tyOne EB110 Earphones over at TechPowerUp is what you're looking for.  These are from a Canadian company and will set you back over $100.  You may want to find out how they perform before you drop that much money.

If you are looking to share your sound from your PC, perhaps the Olasonic TW-S7 USB Speakers at EverythingUSB are more up your alley.  They aren't that much cheaper though.  

I know.  Wires can be a pain.  That's why the Auna PS-7801 Wireless Speaker System at XSReviews is getting all the press.  These look pretty awesome but unfortunately, that's about where the awesome ends.  MissingRemote has a look at the Aperion Audio Zona Wireless Speakers and at $399, I hope these are decent.