2012 Ford Focus Titanium Evaluation

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2012 Ford Focus Titanium Evaluation
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Today we’ve got a bit of a different article here at BCCHardware, we’re going to be taking a look at the brand new 2012 Ford Focus Titanium. This isn’t the normal type of review for us here at BCCHardware as we are normally focused on technology, but after we were invited by Ford to check out their new vehicles at CES 2012 we quickly found out that technology is something that Ford has been spending a ton of time worrying about in their new lineup of vehicles.

We had the opportunity to meet with Ford a couple times and in particular see their new Ford MyTouch and Ford SYNC technologies that they are offering in their vehicles. Like with any technology seeing a demo gives you a good idea what it is all about but until you try it for yourself on a daily basis it's tough to really find out how it works, luckily for us Ford was kind enough to offer the opportunity to try their product out for ourselves.  

In this evaluation we’ll be taking a look at the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium and the technologies it contains and our thoughts during our week with this car.


2012 Ford Focus Titanium


2012 Ford Focus Titanium - The Features

The main purpose of Ford lending us the 2012 Focus Titanium was for us to have a chance to experience the technology that is featured in their vehicles firsthand. We’ve had the chance to look at the Ford MyTouch and the SYNC system while we were at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, but like any technology seeing it on the trade show floor and using it on an everyday basis are two completely different things. The opportunity to borrow a vehicle and drive it on errands and to work for a week was a fun experience and it really gave me a different view of this system.

Now the initial goal of this test was to experience the technology that the Ford Focus offers seeing as that is what we do at BCCHardware, we test technology. The technology in the 2012 Focus is really quite amazing and really not something you’d expect in a car like the Focus, you’d be expecting something like this in an BMW or Mercedes. After a week of using the Ford MyTouch and SYNC system it became pretty evident that this system was very well designed and was very easy to get used to and was very comfortable to use on a daily basis.

The entire SYNC system really needs to be seen (and used) to be believed. Ford has done a great job of building a system that can almost do everything by the sound of your voice. From climate control to song selection and phone calls they’ve got you covered while never taking your eyes off the road. The system takes a little while to learn the commands (they are also displayed on the screen if you forget) and at first might feel a little cumbersome, however, after a couple days I found it much easier to hit the SYNC button and issue a voice command than the alternative.

While the technology in the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium impressed us so did the feel of driving the car. I’m no car expert, but I was impressed by the overall feel of driving the 2012 Ford Focus which has been greatly (I thought the steering and the handling of this car was exceptional).

 Inside  Wheel

I was also very impressed with the “Finish” of the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium. The interior was pretty impressive and didn’t feel cheap, the leather seats that we had in our vehicle were really nice (and one of the first things people noticed when we showed them this car).

At the end of the day I was really impressed with the Ford Focus Titanium thanks to the great features and the great drive it offers. The Ford MyTouch and SYNC system is enough to make any technology junkie impressed, yet it's also straightforward enough that you don’t need a degree in technology to use it. I’m not going to give the Ford Focus Titanium a final score like we do in most of our other reviews, instead I’m going to give a recommendation that if you are looking for a new vehicle with some amazing technology features you will want to go check out the 2012 Ford Focus for yourself as I’m pretty sure you’ll be just as impressed as I was.