Zuckerberg - Not Facebook Bought Instagram

According to the Wall Street Journal, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg was the one pursuing Instagram.  In fact, he might have brokered the deal without actually even talking to the bank or the board of directors at Facebook.  Let's face it, with his birthday coming up in less than a month, what are you going to buy yourself for a present?  I know.  A billion dollar company.  CNET has more details as well.

While the 18-month-old startup had yet to record any revenue, Zuckerberg was attracted by the mobile photo app's explosive growth in user base. Two days before the two 20-something chief executives started talking, Instagram released an Android version of its app and immediately saw its membership base growing at the rate of 2,000 people a minute.


And that 2,000 Android/Google users per minute growth is why Mark bought it - to keep it off of Google+.  End of story.