The Most Anticipated Slider Ultrabooks

CES 2012 featured a bunch of companies showing off Ultrabooks, however, some of them took it a step further and were showing off slider Ultrabooks which were half tablet, half laptop. While most of these Ultrabooks are probably waiting for the release of Windows 8 before they are released, Gizmowatch has come up with some of their favorites that you can look forward to.

We are rapidly heading towards a world where small is indeed the ‘in thing’ and people want gadgets that can multitask and would want their one ‘magic’ device to do almost everything and anything possible. Integrating broad functionality with sleek form, while preserving performance and speed is the new challenge that gadget makers face. The concept of an ‘Ultrabook’ is in itself comparatively novel and to integrate it with the feel of a tablet is the top firms are trying to achieve. Slider ultrabooks might be the next big rage if manufacturers can get their dimensions right. So, why not take a look at what we have been promised so far?