One Million Wikipedia Edits

Ever wondered who keeps Wikipedia up to date? It appears one of the major people is a guy named Justin Knapp and he's just made his 1,000,000th Wikipedia edit. You'd think that Justin would be a Wikipedia employee, but nope, he's just a guy who doesn't have a job and has been editing articles at a rate of around 385 updates per day. Engadget has the full story of a guy with too much time on his hands.

Justin Knapp is probably the hardest working man on the internet after becoming the first person to pass the million-edit-mark on Wikipedia. Since 2005, he's made around 385 amendments per day, each one taking him around four minutes [Citation Needed]. Founder Jimmy Wales congratulated the 30-year-old on his personal feed and Mr. Knapp's been awarded the site's Special Barnstar medal and Golden Wiki award for his achievement.