Google Drive Rolls Out

Google has long been generous with it's photo, mail, video and document storage, but if you just wanted to store files, it wasn't all that helpful.  On Tuesday, they rolled out Google Drive and you can now (maybe - it's still rolling out) get 5GB of free storage space and have some options to pay for more - a lot more.   The service tops out at 16TB.  Engadget has a look at how Google Drive compares to Skydrive, Dropbox and iCloud in terms of storage space and pricing.  Either way, 5GB is kind of nice.

Sometimes a table says a thousand words. Now that Google has finally announced its cloud service, Google Drive, we're sure more than a few of you are crunching the numbers in your head in an attempt to figure which is the best deal. Far be it for us to tell you which service to use when we've barely had a chance to poke around Drive, but for now, better if we lay out those gigabytes and dollars in number form, rather than squeeze them into a crowded paragraph, don'tcha think?