Mac security is "10 Years behind Microsoft"

This week the CEO of Kaspersky (virus protection software maker) has come out and said that he doesn't think Apple is doing enough to prevent malware for Apple users and feels like they are "10 Years behind Microsoft" when it comes to security. He also predicted that more Malware will be coming Apple's way and they are going to have the same problems that Microsoft experienced about a decade ago. This probably isn't what Apple wanted to hear from one of the major Anti-virus makers... The full story can be found over at CNET.

Forrester's CEO isn't the only one spouting doom and gloom for Apple today.

Now Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of security firm Kaspersky Lab, says Apple is headed for a rough patch. However, this one's in the world of computer security, and he says Apple is already getting into the thick of it.

Speaking to Computer Business Review at Info Security 2012 show in London this week, Kaspersky said that when it comes to computer security, Apple's Mac platform was a decade behind Microsoft's, and that it's got some things to learn from its rival.